Seiki LED TV - No Tint Control on LED

by beamhillrd - 2/8/13 6:17 AM

In Reply to: Have you found an answer? by Awk34

I received an answer from Seiki that for the LED models, in the TV mode the Tint and Advanced options are not available. I did notice that they are available in some of the other modes (like DVD inputs).

I now don't believe I was in retail mode - I now think retail mode just applies certain settings, which you can change, but as I said, Tint and Advanced are simply not available.

Based on looking at other brands, it seems that LED models generally do not have Tint control in TV mode. I don't know why.

I even tried exchanging for the same model I had, and still did not like the color, so I got a non-LED TV.