ca-fi gps dvd android review

my ca-fi 700-800 honda crv android system arrived with cracked facia, they were unresponsive in reply, now i am in the process of a paypal dispute, which ordered me to 3rd party damage report at my cost.
other problems are
1 plastic film extends onto screen from cd player, easily trimmed but still, poor workmanship
2 calibration cross heir system goes into an endless loop, leaving unit slightly out of touch calibration.
3 unlike most android systems there is no settings button, only back & home, making most apps useless, such as google maps, i want to use it offline without connection, but without the settings button i can navigate to the download maps for offline use nor can i initiate it, worried that if i pay $60 for the tom tom android version i will have similar problems.
4 the wifi dongle they sent me connects to my home modem but will not connect to my mobile phone using pocket wifi.
5 whole thing blanked out once had to smack it hard to get screen working again.

my advice to anyone want android is buy the parrot double din 7" with nav built in and divx and 3 usb in