RE: I'm not flexia01

by JiriF_AVG AVG staff - 2/6/13 12:38 AM

In Reply to: I'm not flexia01 by cnetrocks123abc

Hi cnetrocks123abc,

I'm sorry but I have no access to your e-mail address. AVG Technologies does not own this forum.
However, I was able to track your AVG#0006342770 support ticket. I see that your refund request has been denied as it was not issued within 30 days since purchasing the product. I see from our records that our support technician offered you installation assistance, as you've reported trouble installing AVG on your new system. This offer was per the record refused by you as you are using Norton software already. Unfortunately, I can't do more. We are not able to refund the product as the 30 days limit is over. We can still provide assistance installing AVG, if you'd like to.

Thank you for your understanding.