Trouble with

by bobhunte - 2/5/13 5:25 PM

In Reply to: Hope all is well Mr Chambers by fumfie

Mr. Frankel,

I purchased a Nikon 7000 from Fumfie and they did deliver the product, but what you have to be aware of with this company is to make sure that the options that you order are quality items. For example they charge $99.00 for an AC/DC power adapter and what you receive is a $ 5.00 AC/DC power adapter which is easy to find on the internet. I did not have a rep that was bad and Fumfie REP did correct the situation after I kept on top of it with follow up calls to the rep.

Mr. Frankel while I agree with you about not stereotyping people/businesses from that area it seems that your company is a little on the shady side when doing business. BTW I am from the area myself.