Don't hold me to this...............

I don't remember exactly where I read this but if memory serves me correctly it was in one of the ZDNet forums.
Now I don't know "exactly" where the person who posted it got their information but if I remember their piece it said that if you purchased a "new computer" with Win8 "pre-installed" you couldn't replace the OS (Win8).

They stated "that somehow, either through a chip on the motherboard or when uninstalling Win8 it left something/ some trace on the hard drive that would "ONLY" allow the installation of Win8"!

It might have been something in the BIOS setup, I believe that is where they said the little sneaky 8 and only 8 could be installed glitch was hidden and MS made them, the manufacturers, put it there to prevent the person from going back to Win7 or even any of the Linux flavors!!!!! Effectively owning "YOUR" computer!!! You bought it BUT they can tell you what to install or not!!

Doesn't that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach?? The more I think about it, that "IS" where the hidden trap lies according to their post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ergo if it came pre installed your stuck, your goose is cooked, etc, etc, etc. I don't know if that person "was being factual" or was on drugs. Don't shoot me as I didn't write it. But I recall reading/ seeing somewhere(?) that you can't uninstall 8 and put on anything but 8.

Maybe I was on drugs that day but usually I don't go off the deep end by taking my vitamins!!!!