Thanks a Million boya84

by Harishgeorge - 2/4/13 11:17 PM

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happy Thanks a Million again.

Now I am making some progress, Your suggestion that they are all almost similar makes sense. I should use a bit of common sense here ................. no one is going to buy 2-3 different camcorders and be able to provide a suggestion, as most people just buy one and use it till it drops dead. And in this range, I'm sure most people are not able to tell the difference as its meant for common people without technical knowledge/jargon like me. Unless there is a group/forum that keeps discussing this.

Your comparison of the cars was quite good. But in my case I would opt for something good at a lower price. Toyota spare parts are much cheaper compared to the caddy as well as maintenance costs. Toyota it would be for me then. I know for a fact that Sony LCD TVs are highly priced as compared to the Samsung for their brand name. But generally, samsung TVs are equally good (sometimes even better). Samsung it would be for me. In short, I must get my moneys worth, no show off or style statements for me wink

One final quick question. What is your opinion of JVC everio mainly the GZ series.

Thanks a lot again for taking the time and patience to reply. Really Appreciate.