Dear boya84. Thanks a Lot

by Harishgeorge - 2/4/13 10:53 AM

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Dear boya84

Extremely thankful for the information. You need more than a breath after typing out so much happy

But, you did kill me with the technical jargon over and over happy. (doesnt mean I am being rude and mean).

Anyways, if you were to chose between Sony and Canon (or even other brands) ............ which would it be. The audio part is also quite important. I have a good inclination towards canon as those cameras looked much sturdier as compare to sony which felt like cheap plastic in hand.

The link which caused doubts about the HD is

one particular sentence states "You can't really call the video HD quality, the camcorder feels flimsy and the lens is prone to fringing." (What does fringing mean anyways.)

Appreciate if you could actually suggest a brand and model based on my requirements as I dont know anyone in particular who used the mentioned models and I also did not find any proper comparison on the web. Like..... someone comes upto me and says "hey dude, I had a sony ***** and then I bought a canon ***** which was extremely good, blah, blah, blah.......................... Definitely buy the canon ****** without any more thinking". Something like this would help me a lot as I am dont have the technical knowledge and just need to get good HD video and audio. Would make life more easier for me.

The computer part can be ignored as that can be taken care of. My personal opinion is that its much easier to buy a laptop as nowadays everyones got one and there are plenty of opinions and suggestions flying around. A far easier task as compared to the camcorder.

Once again thanks a lot for the reply.