Just wipe the Hardrive and do a fresh install of Win7

Probably the best thing to so it wipe the hard drive (from DOS, use a Boot disk like Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) www.dban.org) then do a fresh install of Win 8

Yes Windows 8 is HORRIBLE for a daily use PC, if you use your PC for WORK that is, if you just surf the web and write email then its the OS for you, but its the same thing as using a cell phone or tablet. so stick to your cell phone. If you like table PCs, then get an Ipod they are superior to any Windows device. However if you actually need to run applications and WORK ON A PC, NOT A TABLE stay with Windows 7.

I wont use Windows 8, so goodby MS. I can use Linux for most of my work (Take a look at Linex and Open Office (openoffice.org) a nice free office suite. ) My next computer will be a Mac, as many of you are doing and I think that the best way to go. Windows 8 is the beginning of the end for Microsoft, and good riddance. The will lose so much money on the Surface and Win8 they will begin a spiral to oblivion.

far fetched? Not at all. My company had started a policy of no new MS PCs, we are going Mac and Linex. , those that need tables will get Apple devices. I have used Linux for years (I just LOVE to go into a Hotel and ask them how I connect to their network LOL its fun and only a bit evil)

so wipe that crap off your drive and get a better OS and start looking at the Mac, its the wave of the future.