My definition of a "professional" camcorder

by boya84 - 2/3/13 8:50 PM

In Reply to: Professional video camera help by dbayliff

has a lens diameter 70mm or larger;
XLR audio inputs;
manual audio control on the outside of the camcorder;
low compression video capture/storage.

The XF100 is a fine camcorder - but the lens diameter misses the mark (yes, I know, it is in Canon's "Pro" line). Before we go to far, what are you planning to edit on (computer hardware platform) and with? The XF series records to a relatively new file type that many video editors cannot deal with.

In my mind, the entry point for pro grade is the XF300 series, Sony HVR-Z5 or Panasonic AG-HVX200... And it is hoped you have budget for steadying devices, audio recording and various mics, lights, cables, and lots more stuff...