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by lichael - 2/3/13 3:38 PM

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HI Bob,
Thanks for your reply. I am asking for a reason and not just "why?"
The device I have does have the capability to connect to a standard phone line and still work.
The service that it is registered with is paid for for a long period of time and I can not get a refund.
So, I would like to still use it if possible.

I did find a piece of equipment that will allow the device to dial out on a cell phone.
It is Xtreme Technologies Xlink BT Bluetooth Gateway
But I think even thought the device dials out on the cell it must be missing something more.
I am just a lay person, but I am thinking that because the device is analog and the cell is digital there is a missing piece.

I found a device called the WireX by e-device but I don't know if it really exists.

You are correct that funds are a concern and yes I am considering the possibility of replacing the device.
I am just trying to investigate all options before loosing the contract money that I have already invested.
Thanks again.