That's real progress. Next, change the video setting.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 2/3/13 2:06 PM

In Reply to: I am still clueless... by karenwashere

This old OS would indeed do exactly that under some conditions. For example some video drivers would by default select a video mode the display could not use. Again, we are dealing with an ANCIENT OS that is not user friendly.

It's expected that its owner know to try safe mode again and set the video mode to something compatible. I can't guess what that is, that is, you as the owner, operator of this old OS were expected to live with annoying quirks like this.

If this was mine I'd know this or try 800x600 in safe mode.

Also, some machines were upgraded and again it was expected the owner know if this was quirky in any way such as requiring the user to set it up with the video plugged into once connection and following some arcane steps, shutdown, move the video cable and then start up.