Audacity plus turntable / receiver sound card work well

by camp066 - 2/3/13 10:46 AM

In Reply to: Get Audacity up on your screen by Flatworm

I have my old Harmon Kardon receiver as the "amp" for my sound card. My old BIC turntable is hooked into the receiver, just like 30 years ago and they work fine. Then connected the "tape out" from my receiver to the input on my sound card. Use Audacity to "rip" vinyl. But what was even more fun, was once I got my old cassette deck lubed and running, I hooked it into the sound card and "ripped" a few cassettes. They really sound pretty good considering.

One caution, you need to use "tape monitor in" for the input to the receiver from the sound card to avoid "ground loops" which will result in hum and distortion. I guess the receiver has something to isolate the inputs to preclude that. I have also ripped stuff right off FM using this setup.