by TME4TLS - 2/3/13 6:01 AM

In Reply to: Definitely outgassing by caumack

I can agree to a certain extent. You would think that when the unit was new a little smell might be present but to suddenly show up after two years of use is curious at best. Samsung doesn't care one iota about this problem or the cheap rusting galvanized metal in the back of the upper section. A&E cares less and the refrigerator I have is possibly the poorest excuse for a refrigerator my wife and I have ever bought! And we have been married since 1968 and have bought several refrigerators. The excuses A&E gives when servicing the unit are shallow and pitiful.

I can assure you that when this Samsung refrigerator is done, I will be sure to research more in depth before I ever buy another and I can guarantee you it won't be a Samsung. Their total lack of help, from the web site to talking with a CS rep on the phone is abysmal!