Possible explanation

by Steven Haninger - 2/3/13 2:00 AM

In Reply to: I'm not gun savvy, so someone explain by Roger NC

No where can I find the official white house release of the photo to explore its attributes but one blogster suggested it was a video frame from a high speed camera. That makes sense. It could explain some of the oddities such as why the president does not appear to be looking through the gun sites rather than at the hammer position and why the butt of the gun is resting so high on his shoulder. Perhaps that's the effect of the recoil though I would have expected the barrel to rise a bit. What I am wondering is that if the picture was, indeed, photoshopped and is a composite. It might be that the additional plume is from another shooter's gun who is no longer in the picture and that the original was on a different background. The photo could have been manipulated to isolate the president from a busier background and provide better contrast. Someone just forgot to remove the smoke from the other gun? If a person could be removed, that would have been simple. Perhaps we'll eventually get an explanation of the WS photo staff is pressed.

Frankly, I think it's much ado about nothing. Presidents get asked stupid question by the media all the time and try to make a story out of them. Obama is needing to distance himself from the notion that he doesn't support the 2nd Amendment so was asked if he's ever shot a gun. What would that matter? I don't believe we should legalize cocaine and heroine for public use. Do I need to try it first to validate my thinking? It's the old "Don't knock it if you ain't tried it" argument.