Windows 7 Email is all mixed up!

by midela - 2/2/13 9:42 PM

In Reply to: More info? by spittsp

I use Windows 7, Windows Live Mail. Although I don't know why my "browser" matters, I use Chrome.

My Windows Live Mail has nothing to do with Chrome. It is often closed, when I access my email.

When I turn on my Laptop, the first thing I do, is open my email, I don't turn on Chrome, until later.
All I did, was simply start up my Laptop, open my email, and boom! all this stuff appeared, in my junk box and my inbox, and my deleted box. As well, several of my older emails, from last year and earlier, back to 2011, are showing up duplicated, and mutiplicated.

I have not heard anything back, from my ISP.
Can you, or anybody, PLEASE HELP ME?
Thank You So Much!