Re- installing Windows 7 Over Windows 8-

You might have been better off just buying the Windows 8 installation DVD then installing it on one of your Windows 7 computers.Then you could either have duel booted it with Windows 7 so,then you would have had the best of both worlds, or run it as the only OS.

I recently bought Windows 8 Pro upgrade install DVD which I will install on one of my Windows 7 netbooks. The reason why is that-

1/ I don't want 64 bit Windows and my netbooks have 32 bit Windows so I can install the 32 bit version of Windows 8 on my Windows 7 netbooks and run it as the only OS. Just like I was doing with Windows 8 RP and the Beta versions of Windows 8. If you buy a Windows 8 laptop in the shops,they are not netbooks,they are big laptops ,and so they have 64 bit Windows. So the only way round this is to buy a Windows 7 netbook, this has 32 bit Windows then install Windows 8 32 bit over it. I only ever run 32 bit Windows never 64 bit because 32 bit Windows runs all the old software from older versions of Windows.

2/The second reason why I why I would only install Windows 8 on one of my Windows 7 netbooks and not buy a laptop pre- installed with 8 is. That you get all of the junk software from the manufacturers and then there is the problem with secure boot which stops you from installing other OS's. But if you install Windows 8 on one of your own Windows 7 laptops. There is of course no secure boot and you can uninstall Windows 8 anytime.

Why is it you don't like Windows 8 may I ask? If the problem is the Metro start menu,you can install a start menu software like Classic Shell to get the start button and Windows 7 start menu. And also there is Ribbon Disabler which disables the ribbon and gives you the Windows 7 Explorer.

but from what I read and what others have told me on other forum,you can turn off secure boot and then you should be able to install Windows 7 or any other version of Windows over Windows 8.