Get used to it ;-)

I am somewhat computer saavy but my wife isn't. She had been pestering me for a laptop for months, and before Christmas I went to check them out in the stores and online. Knowing that MS had released Win8 I had looked at the features and had decided to stick with 7.
That was until I came across a Acer touch screen laptop!
After fooling with it for a short time and having the salesperson show me some of the hidden Win7 GUI that is really still there in the background, I decided to purchase the Acer over Dell that I had always been loyal to.Yes it s somwhat annoying to getting around but like everything else once you get used to it ,it isn't so bad.I remember back in the day when Windows 95 was released, the calamity that caused and people who were used to keyboarding complaining about using a MOUSE! Look how far we have come!

All I can say is, my wife has taken to the machine like a duck to water,absolutely loves it, and has figured her way around getting things done, even without major help from me,for which I applaud her.She mostly uses it for working with photos, scrapbooking, art, and online browsing ( have actually come to like it myself, but at this time would not change my 2 Win 7 desktops over to 8 since reloading all my programs and files would be a major hassle and they are not touch screens.
Some of the available apps for 8 are worthless, some are very good, you have to sort through them.

The combination of Win 8 and a touch screen are a match made in Heaven.
It really boils down to just what type of work you do and how efficently you can do it.

Bottom line -Proper tools for the job at hand and how you work,Win 8 is optimised for touch screens,and this IS the future of computing.