by killerclown443 - 2/2/13 10:38 AM

In Reply to: Im so confused with my Sony DCR-DVD610 by JBanks88

Hi Josh,
I know this is from 2008 and you have probably bought another camcorder by now but I just wanted to say that you can/or could have recorded movies to the memory stick. I, like you, was also pissed off for a bit because Sonys customer support sucked. Thanks to a friend of mine though I figured out how to switch the storage format from DVD to memory stick. All you have to do was click the home button, go to manage media, click on movie media set, click on memory stick, and follow the directions that are being displayed on the screen. Since the camera is now 5 years old and if you are still looking for a camera that isn't very expensive for hiking, the handycam is pretty durable. Again sorry for posting on an old thread but I had the same problems that you had.