Win 8 - Great...Win 7 Downgrade - Hope You Have Backup

I have been using Win 8 exclusively since the full release to Developers on August 24, 2012. I was a little apprehensive at first but, after a few days of playing with it, I grew to love the new OS. The problem and complaint I see from most is that Windows 8 is not like Windows 7...It isn't supposed to be. MS took a bold redesign approach to consolidate a tablet OS with a PC one. The argument that Win 8 is "just for a tablet" is completely false. The tablet only version was Windows 8 RT. Most that I have talked to that got stuck in that mentality are the ones that complain the most. And now that the Win 8 64-bit is releasing to the Surface on Feb. 6, the new OS is exactly the same on the local machine and the tablet. In other words, there is nothing you will not be able to do on a tablet that you can do on a laptop/desktop. Imagine how functional and practical that is to a business looking to integrate local computers and the mobility of a tablet without losing functionality. I have supported tablets in a business environment for quite a while and can honestly say that the biggest complaint I hear from users is that they aren't able to do the same things on a tablet as a laptop and have to carry both. With Win 8, problem solved.
The radical redesign is great but it does take a little effort for the user to learn. Windows Key shortcuts and functionality shortcuts are the key to maximizing the OS functionality, especially if you don't have a touchscreen (and for the record I do not and use a traditional mouse).. Resources can be found all over the Internet, and Cnet and TechRepublic are two of the best ones. I would not roll back to Win 7. Win 8 is lighter on resources, faster to boot, and is more stable. "But the apps are limited and suck" the beginning. App Developers are constantly adding new ones and I have to say I have been impressed with a lot of them. So many are releasing now that it is hard to keep track of at times. There are apps that I have on my Win 8 that I wish I had on my iPhone and Kindle. MS has also certified so many applications now that there are few I have seen that aren't compatible with Win 8. But, like most OS version changes, it takes time to get "everything" compatible.

As far as going back to Win 7,,,I hope you have a backup or image. According to Microsoft, in order to go from Win 8 to Win 7 will require a new other words you will have to reformat the drive. You will not be able to roll Win 8 back to Win 7. What I did was create an image of my Win 7 machine before I installed Win 8 as well as made sure I backed up all of my important stuff externally. If you did not, then just make sure you make a copy of all of your docs, pics, etc. and a list of the programs you have installed (and hope you have the install discs and/or the program .EXEs or .MSIs). Make sure you have some time too because you will have a lot of updates and configuring to do after the reformat and install. Win 7 has been out for quite a while and the updates are huge in number.