I'm still trying to figure out what is so great about Win7..

....within seconds of installing Win7 replacing perfectly functional WinXP I discovered M$ had destroyed my ability to be productive.

No more View Filmstrip.
This is/was a fast, easy way to navigate folders with large quantities of media files. Preview screen is NOT the same....

No more Explore option.
I know, you can use a third party utility to simulate Explore, but the functionality is gone! No more can you explore a nested folder file system by arrowing down on the left pane while showing the folders' contents in the right pane. Pain in the arse.....

Default option of Details view doesn't show file size? WTF?

And that was just the first few seconds of booting, the list only grows as I struggle with another "tweaked" OS courtesy of the know-it-alls over in Redmond.

And so now we're supposed to "upgrade" to WIn8 and throw some more third-party utilities at IT to make simulate Win7 which was a FAIL? Meh!

Already bought myself a Macbook.....