New to Windows 8 nterface?

Although Microsoft replaced the classic Start Menu with a new tile-based Start Screen on Windows 8, there are several ways to bypass that and get your Start Menu back on Windows 8 desktop. You may try any one of these applications:

1. Start8 --
For only $5, you get a full-fledged Start menu replacement that fits in with Windows 8's more "flat" theme, though you can also choose a theme with more rounded corners like the old Windows 7 start menu. You can also set the Start button to launch a small version of the Start screen, so you can get the benefits of the Start menu with the features of the new Start screen.

2. Classic Shell (Free) --
Classic Shell starts off looking like an old school pre-XP Windows Start menu, but you can switch to a more XP- or 7-style Start menu with the press of a button.

3. StartMenu8 (Free) --
Install it, and you'll have your old Start menu back—that's it. It feels a little different than the others (it's more of a popup than a menu), and it has a somewhat annoying "Send Feedback" button, but it does the job without any complicated configuration menus. The only options it has—when you right-click on the Start button—are to run it at startup and to skip the tiled Start screen. This is the best option if you just want to install something for free and get on with your day.

4. Pokki (Free) --
Search for apps, control panels, and files. Add your favorite apps, sites, files and folders for quick access. Boot to the desktop and skip the Windows 8 Start Screen. Disable Windows 8 hot corners on the desktop and more. Get free apps and games from the included Pokki App Store.

5. ViStart (Free) --
Enhance your windows start menu with Vistart 8. With cool custom start menu skins like the windows 8 start menu metro skin, start menu buttons and lot's of extra features. The ultimate start menu for Windows 8 and compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP you can download for free. So get your start menu back in windows 8 or replace your start menu in windows 7, Vist or XP.

Some users say that the best among them are Start8 and Pokki.

If you are still not happy with any of the alternatives above then nothing will stop you from buying a full version of Windows 7 OS. Nobody will give you a refund for Windows 8 in exchange for Windows 7.