Does anyone actually know the answer to this question?

It seems like 95% of the postings here are about stating opinions about Win. 7/8 or just encouraging Gary G. to stay with 8. I am wanting to buy a new laptop, but am unable to do it in any major electronics store right now because they all run on 8. There are still a few available online with 7 Home Premium, but they're going fast. I personally don't like 8 either after trying it, and am staying with 7, like many other people I know; it's just too far out of left field compared to their other versions, and Microsoft publically admitted this week that it's been a failure in sales, similar to Apple's Iphone 5. I also want to know if I were to buy a laptop how difficult it would be to change my OS. What I find disturbing is that when Microsoft puts out a new OS it doesn't seem to matter whether the buyer likes it or not; they push it down the public's throat regardless, and in this case it now sounds like they've made it almost impossible to uninstall it. Obviously my first step after buying a laptop with 8 would be also having to purchase a copy of Windows 7 brand-new (not an upgrade, so we're talking about another $200.00). Wouldn't it be possible to just re-format the hard drive and start over by installing 7?

Frankly, I think something's wrong with this picture. I'm leaning more and more toward Apple every day due to Microsoft's increasing need to control just about everything their users do, and have been a Windows user since 3.1!