I think I understand your concern - fear MS miss-innovation

I fear any move to Windows 8 because of my poor experience with MS Office upgrades. Microsoft added the ribbons with 2007 and I have been using these products all day for years. I gave them a chance but the workflow still doesn't flow well. I have never been able to achieve the productivity I had with the pre-ribbon versions. I dont trust Microsoft to improve my workflow. I inderstand their desire to be relevant in the pad / touchscreen market but I also want to get some work done at my desktop; with my mouse and keyboard.

Another problem with the new Microsoft products is pixel bloatware. I finally get a bigger monitor and Microsoft's new software versions use up all the new real estate. Besides those big ribbons I am thinking of the taskbar. Many users greatly miss the "Always on top" checkbox. This allowed us to arrange applications on the screen even if they covered the task bar. Now when I am on my Win 7 laptop this is a big problem. I am a software designer and I need every pixel. When I maximise my data model it should cover the task bar. Instead, I fiddle with the "Autohide" option which frequently refuses to hide and interfers with buttons at the bottom of the application.
Finally, I often have as many as 8 applications going at once and I use alt-tab almost constantly. I know how difficult it is to switch apps on my Android phone. CNet reports have suggested that Win 8 interface assumes you genrally dont switch apps frequently. This raises more fear about productivity if I upgrade.
Don't get me wrong, I loved the bug fixes and speed of the Windows 7 upgrade. However recent Microsoft trends in UI confusion make me fearful of what is next. Recent Office changes fan that fear.