Two hints to easily get comfortable

OK, this lately "PhoneWindows" nominated Win8 look on a real normal/big screen desktop/laptop computer is really annoying! Of course, I understand it's aimed for phone/tablet users only consuming what the net offers and forgetting the other important part in all this!

The regular users and professional content/data producers in several levels of big/official organisations are suffering from this underestimating of their real needs, which has been leading to a catastrophal loss on Win8 sales lately. Maybe, and probably surely, MS have been considering this and will come "in a late train" trying to save their status on the market..

But, all the applauses to the technical improvements and speed enhancements on Win8, and that's why I wouldn't recommend any downgrading back to Win7. Anyway, in a year or two you'll have the only way to go further is once again upgrading to Win8 or "Win9/Blue" or so ... But, of course if some technical driver or other issue will require it, nothing may help.

So, please, in the meantime, check e.g. Start8 and 8Gadget, to get rid of the "PhoneWindows" and get directly to the so familiar Win7 look, still having also the Win8 look alive in background and all ready accessible if wanted!