I'll agree with that,

by Roger NC - 2/1/13 5:21 PM

In Reply to: Whatever you have by Steven Haninger

though I don't enjoy it when I'm in the backyard and every 2 minutes somewhere across the trees there is a gun shot. It always made my wife edgy.

I think it would be good if anyone that thinks they may use a gun to kill someone else in self protection could go through one of those situation ranges sometime where you go down a street and figures pop up and you have to decide instantly if they're bystander or dangerous shooters to be taken out. Or you're going through a building and when you enter a room you have to decide instantly is that a bad guy to be shot immediately or your spouse or kid.

Do even most cops get any training like that, or is it only tv and movie fanasty land?

Not as a reason for people not to own guns, and I expect the number of times is extremely low, but it has happened; I can't think of anything that would be harder to live with than the guy that hears someone in the house in the middle of night, shoots them, then finds out its a spouse or older child he didn't expect home that night.

Woman I worked 3rd shift with a couple of decades ago went home without calling at about 3 in the morning. When she turned on the light her husband was standing in the doorway on the opposite side of the room with his pistol in the double hand shooting position pointing straight at her. Thankfully he didn't shoot, he was a LEO, currently working as prison guard, so had more training at least than most.

She wasn't easily mollified as I understand it.