I like Windows 8, more secure and faster...

Okay, I have done a couple of things to make it more usable for me, since I'm a desktop user. The first is simple, just move the desktop startup tile to the leftmost upper tile position, and then when you boot to the start screen, all you have to do is press <return> and your desktop comes up. Don't even have to click *smile*.

The other major thing was to use a piece of freeware, "SkipMetroSuite" just so that my computer boots to my desktop. That makes things really easy. As far as the Windows 7 "Start" menu goes, that was nice, but everything's there in Windows 8. Especially if you use the "Windows key" keyboard accelerators. Just take a look at a few of the tips articles, and it really is easy to navigate around. I ignore the Windows Store and the associated applications, since I'm not using it on a tablet.

I really do like Windows 8, it is definitely faster and more secure. I also like the desktop design, I don't find the navigation to be a problem, more on the novel side (like the upper lefthand corner taking you back to where you were, the lower lefthand corner taking you to the "Start" menu, and both righthand corners bringing up the side menu). I've also found the "Microsoft" key combinations to be very useful (especially the MSkey-r being the "run" combination). The list of these can be found in any number of Windows 8 tips articles on the internet.

The only thing that I miss from Windows 7 is the transparent window frames, but I've already gotten used to the opaque colored ones. That's really not much to miss *smile*, I feel that I'm gaining much more.