Windows 8 back to Windows 7

by pauly1651 - 2/1/13 4:41 PM

In Reply to: Win 8 by gluttner

Go back to Windows 7.

Here's what I just do not understand, when I see some people write about Windows 8:

They all say it's just as good as Windows 7.
You can set it up to look like Windows 7
What then I have to ask the question...what is the point of having Windows 8 at all???!!???
Conclusion I came to is...
I am sticking to Windows 7 64 Bit.
It runs great, fast and is very user friendly.
And yes, I did try Windows 8 for a week..the whole thing is dumb.
I went back to Windows 7, and had Zero problems!
You should have no problems either.

Microsoft has made a change that may be OK for Tablets and touchscreen devices. But for desktop PC's, Windows 7 & and even XP are still the way to go.