Can't say I know what the rules were when I was a kid

by Roger NC - 2/1/13 4:18 PM

In Reply to: Roger, you are old enough ... by Edward ODaniel

no one I knew had anything but shotguns and a 22 rifle, maybe a larger caliber for hunting some.

People actually hunted deer with a 12 gauge shotgun with buckshot or slugs, not semi-automatic rifles. Nothing wrong with semi-auto, but I never saw one in real life (vs tv and movies) until I was much older.

I do remember semi-auto shotguns then. As far as the rifles I remember, I don't think I ever personally saw anything but a bolt action until I was much older.

I may have walked by some in a store somewhere, but I referring to ones I saw up close and knew what they were.

Do you think guns should be sold now without a thorough background check, even if it means a wait, and no tracking of ownership. Do you think an individual who knowing sells to a criminal who could not pass a background check isn't as guilty as that individual for what happens with that gun?

I've made the statement in one way, I don't care what you have in your house, as long as it stayed there. That didn't mean you couldn't take a pistol with you, or get a concealed carry, it meant if you had a machine gun to protect your property and family against those home invasions everyone uses for an example to justify gun ownership, it stays in you house, your property outside for target practice I guess if you insure the bullet doesn't cross your property line, or maybe a registered target firing range. If you carry a machine gun to a theater, or shopping center, I damn well think you're a suspicious person and should be treated as dangerous.