Downgrading to Windows 7 - could be problematic...

Ok so you got Windows 8 built into your computer and you don't like it so would like to go back to Windows 7.

It may sound simple enough as just buying Windows 7 CD and re-installing - right? wrong!

If you are one of the unlucky people who bought a computer with Windows 8 pre-loaded and the kind computer manufacturer decided to enable UEFI boot options - well you could be stuck with it.

UEFI boot doesn't allow you to install any non-approved OS (pretty much anything that came out before UEFI or that isn't Microsoft - where's the anti-trust deal on this???)

So you may find that you are stuck with it if your computer is locked with UEFI boot.

Ok if your computer is stuck then all is not lost.

Try downloading StarDock Start8 - it's only $4.95 and it will put the start menu back right where you want it (in it's normal place!!!), and will make Windows 8 behave much more like Windows 7. I have put Windows 8 on a number of people's PC's and once I show them this stardock and install start8 most of them are more than happy and find it much easier than Windows 8's new start menu (which leads me to question why Microsoft didn't just leave the start menu on the desktop in the first place - maybe they have shares in Stardock or something??)

If your computer isn't stuck and you'd like to go back to Windows 7 - unfortunately you won't be able to buy an "upgrade" 'cos your actually "downgrading" not "upgrading".

You'll need to buy the full Windows 7, or you can buy the OEM version (which is about half the price) as long as you buy a piece of hardware with it - like maybe a CD drive or cable or something!

You would then need to boot off Windows 7 install CD and wipe out the partitions on the hard disk and then re-install Windows 7 on the clean disc. Bear in mind to back up any data you have on your computer as wiping the partitions will remove all data from the computer.

I'd strongly suggest though before going down that route, give Windows 8 a bit of a try, especially with StarDock. I tried Windows 8 first and hated it, but now I'm getting bits of it organised I'm actually starting to really like it. It works a lot more faster than other versions of Windows and once you get used to it, it is better, it's only like when Microsoft changed Office menus for Ribbons - do you remember the problems that caused at first - people not happy, can't get work done, etc, but now people just open Office and know how to use the ribbons straight away.

I have Asperger's and can be quite resilient to change (which is one thing that puzzles me as to why Bill Gates - who also has AS is putting us Aspies through this!), however I've got used to Windows 8 now.