by stormtrooper - 2/1/13 2:42 PM

In Reply to: Cleaning cookies easily and for free!!! by Kafshiel

Thank you for your advice but perhaps you have missed the point I am making. I know it is all very well having these free utilities which are designed to do what your browser should do without having to resort to them. I am sorry I know all your intentions are good and are helpful to the layman, but what I am saying is that they should be designed into the browser software correctly. A lot of people would be safer afterwards. It is not that I begrudge using cookies but I do believe that if you don't keep your Identity cache clear of most cookies your pc slows down in its search criteria it slows down and crawls to execute your programs and display data efficiently.
Thank you for your time and responses and that goes for everyone whom has responded to my initial question about cookies.