You don't think it's the impoverished who

are the drug users already?...and that if they had more money they'd turn away from drugs? Poverty, drugs addiction, violence are a self-sustaining cycle. Guns are but a tool used to get money and drugs. Other tools are available. If you could take all of the guns away from the criminals using them in this type of crime, you could maybe slow it but not stop it. So from whom should you take the guns? No doubt that economic issues are a catalyst in the cycle but being poor cannot be an excuse for becoming addicted and staying that way. We have some pockets of growing amorality that we're trying to manage but not correct. Our secular way of correction is through the prison system. Why not use it as a deterrent rather than just a potential temporary inconvenience for criminals? Put some teeth into laws and make them something other than opportunities for creative criminal lawyers to find loopholes and workarounds. If you commit a crime, you will have a mandatory sentence. If you commit violence, the time you're locked up will be longer. If you use a gun, you're done. It's plain and simple. Yes, I know our jails are already overcrowded but that's largely because we turn criminals over through a revolving door system. They are transient residents and too soon out on the streets. There's no incentive to worry about being arrested. At least that's what I understand about Chicago versus some other places like NYC.