Smart TV's ability to access YouTube

by birdy1928 - 1/31/13 9:04 PM

In Reply to: Connecting TV to PC by birdy1928

Dear Ambassador,

All my troubles with the Samsung E 450 were solved yesterday when I switched providers and had them install an HD cable box plus new wiring. I had been assured by your tech dept. that such improvements would bowl me over.

They did! What a marvel in sharpness, color and sound. We're considering purchase of a second same model TV for the living room which I'll have to modify because of the built-in theatre furniture.

I believe there's a way to access Youtube without having to use a wifi or HDMI cable connection to a computer. Would you be so kind as to explain the steps to do that? My wife is taking a YouTube language course on her Windows PC and I want to surprise her with the possibility of doing so on a larger screen.

Thank you!