No development with the 'Net Nanny'.

by RaeRaeMar - 1/31/13 1:02 PM

In Reply to: I need a push on my final decision by S0undw4ve

I have a 'Christmas New' Nexus 7 and as far as I can tell, there is very little straying away(development) from the apps you are premitted to download to these. Many are excellent applications but very territorial(exclusive to the brand) and sometimes not the program I want to use for my need at the time on my tablet. I would refer to this non-freedom as the 'Net Nanny'. I am going to post to see if there is a way to take this 'governor' completely off of the tablet......or at least tamp it down a little. Very annoying. I do like the 7" tablet as it fits my hand better than the larger size. If you have specialized programs(applications) or loyalty programs you like to use or must use, I would go with a netbook.