You must live near Atlanta because I also followed Clarke Howard's advice regarding straighttalk --- unlimited everything for $45 ?! You would think that the quality of service would be subpar, but not the case here. I have an iphone and straighttalk uses the AT&T network for these phones. Phone/internet/text have all been excellent -- CNET and other websites and AP rated AT&T as having the best Data network in the country and the world over the last several years....(the next line is worth repeating) Who wouldn't love all of that for 45 Bucks a month??

Granted their customer service does suck horribly (waited on line for about 30 minutes and Cust Svc did sound like they were from another country---but that's the only trade off I see!!) , but then again when do you really need them unless you're having something seriously wrong with the phone synching to the network.

Most of the time, those problems can be solved using suggestions found online or websites like which will AUTOMATICALLY program your phone for you, which will take care of any issues you may have had with data and picture messaging when you initially transfer your service from another carrier (i.e.: verizon, metropcs, at&t, tmobile, etc, etc). That website is a Godsend !

I thought MetroPcs was the only capable of providing cheap unlimited service...looks like there's a new sheriff in town and it kicks major rear end! Long live Straight Talk !!!