used to use msn money

by JMSZAM - 1/31/13 3:52 AM

In Reply to: I use Quicken for financial records and by wpgwpg

sounds like a good system, but my guess is you use cash for your day to day purchases? I use a debit card for all purchases and end up with piles of receipts. I like to categorize what I buy, but it is needless to say time consuming. finding dates, amounts, etc. so i usually just let them pile up until the bank statement comes to reconcile!

anyways, I just tried the windows version of paperless by mariner software. It was a bust. The interface was confusing, (i did read the instructions).. and i didn't see the program trying to 'learn' anything from my inputs. ocr spit out jibberish. Too bad, it looked like what we needed.