maybe so, but I have no problem with a waiting peroid

for guns, or at least some. I admit it would seem odd to go to walmart for a shotgun and have to fill out the paperwork and wait a week.

I don't care much what anybody has in their house, even criminals, but the guns don't stay there, esp for the criminals.

But I have no problem with a computer database tracking every gun legally sold either. Right now, when they want to trace a serial number of a gun found somewhere, even at a crime scene, the agency they call has no computer database, they have to call gunstores, go through file cabinets, etc. Right now a federal law tacked on to an appropriation bill forbids one.

Do you object to tracking ownership of guns and prosecution for anyone selling one under the table? If I'll allow you the right to a 50 round rifle, will you agree to a computerized database of who owns any specific gun? Will you agree to criminal charges on anyone that sells one to an uncleared buyer?

However, with no more or less restrictions on what "law abiding citizen" may own or carry, I would like more penality for anyone not qualifying to own a gun for having one in his/her possession. I would like the same penality to anyone buying a gun for someone else that hasn't had a background check and a permit to buy to prove it.