Waste of time

I have a mid 90's version and even in the early 90's I discovered, with every new iteration of Word and Excel, they had a knack of adding more and more "improvements" (complicated pieces of rubbish that took longer to use than the time they allegedly saved). I'd be forced at work to accept the new product and it would take days to find all the "improvements" and turn them off through options.

So, even though the products I have include outdated Word (one of the worst programs in history which I didn't buy, I was given it) it still does what I need less pathetically than any new version is likely to. And I know every work around for it's failures there is to know.

(Don't get confused about "You just don't know how to work it"..... I'm a document drafter and business analyst so I am heavily engaged in Word and Excel. Just not a person who has time to play with features that offer nothing.)