I've Used The System Repair/System Image Disks...And...

by Grif Thomas Moderator - 1/29/13 5:55 PM

In Reply to: Recovery disc help, Please! by robrote

...they worked just fine.. I also make sure to save the System Image to DVD's NOT an external hard drive. Some have had issues with re-imaging the new hard drive when a USB external hard drive was used so I use DVD+R's. Generally, as long as you make sure that ALL items on the operating system drive are included when creating the System Image Disk, it will reinstall everything back to it's original state. If I remember correctly, it will ONLY recover the primary Windows drive, not secondary drives.

Remember, it's best to create BOTH a System Repair and a System Image disk.. After installing the new hard drive, put the System Repair in first, choose the correct recovery option (System Image Recovery is usually the correct option), then insert the System Image disk and follow the prompts to install Windows and all other programs and files which were included when the System Image was created....

Hope this helps.