Why pay for what you can use elsewhere for free?

I use to use MS Office for a long time, however as i am slowly making that transition over to Linux, and opening my mind set to open source, i am finding a lot of great software packages that are FREE and do the exact same thing that MS office does!, Either on Windows or Linux. Now why would anyone pay a sick amount of money for this? there are many different choices to use. and they all can save the files as a MS formats for those who still want to use the Dark Side! happy

- Open Office (Windows or Linux)
- Libre Office (Windows or Linux)
- Kingsoft Office Suite ( Windows)
- SSuite Office - Excalibur Release (Windows)
- Softmaker FreeOffice
- IBM Lotus Symphony (discontinued but still free) (Windows or Linux)

And for those of you who still want a cloud based app. you can use these free resources.

- Google Docs / Google Drive
- ThinkFree Online
- Zoho

I find most people I introduce some of these apps too are so use to Microsoft Office, that they tend to be scared
to use a new application, but after about an hour of just messing with the new Office App, and explaining the $0 cost! they become at ease and use it just as they did for MS Office.

Everyone in my family from grandparents to kids have been using Kingsoft Office Suite (Free) and Google Docs
and we have not touch MS Office in over a year.