is it necessary to quit suppor, MS wants to be paid

by Kaarlo - 1/29/13 2:19 PM

In Reply to: Easy. Those folk want to be paid. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I am sure people who want to go on using XP like me will be willing to pay for an update IN CASE THEY NEED IT.
The post about the obnoxious attitude to have no regard for old folks using XP was very much to the point.
We are living a wasteful life. It started with planned obsolecence in harware and it has expanded to planned obsolencence in aquired knowledge. We are forced to spend more and more time on things that bring us no real worthwhile benefit.
Let those, who think MS 7 of MS8 serves them better than XP - and as you can see on this thread potential customers for new MS operating systems do exist in sufficient numbers - buy and use these. Let them buy an I phone, of which testers said it was good for a lot of things except phone calls and text messages, whatever, but let those, who are happy with what they have continue using what they have.