using a PC....

as I like to put one of our "dinosaurs" to somee good use. So what i had success with was simply going out to best buy & bought one of those USB devices that plugs into the PC & communicates w/the wi-fi w/re to inet connection via PC to 50' HD LCD...check!!
Then I went out & got a Logitech wireless solar keyboard & mouse....mouse is battery operated but Logitech claims this particular model that came w/the keyboard will last approx 3 yrs b4 batts need to be replaced....we'll see about that one....kinda suspect of 2 aa's lasting anymore than 12-18 mos tops in a wireless mouse.
What I've found is that our digital pix (using the Picasa platform) really look awesome on the 50' via the PC...very nice/clean looking as far as imagary viewing goes....also nice to play digital pix slide shows to whatever mp3 music I wanna play....great for family partys, etc. if we really wanna bore our guests & get them oudda here fairly quick
OK....that should do it....thx for the assistance, advice & link.....looks like we wont need to go out & buy a "Smart" HD Wi-fi ready TV just yet.....hopefully this new set-up/protocol will keep us goin for the next few least long enough for the prices of the new Smart TV's to come down a few hundred more...hehe