From what I can find, it had already been determined

by Steven Haninger - 1/28/13 11:27 AM

In Reply to: What CNN and their minions by James Denison

that the mother could not be saved and that it was a hospital decision to not attempt a Caesarean section to save the unborn. The details of the critical period of time needed to be successful were not presented and I imagine the continuing litigation will keep it that way.

Not to sound cruel, when I saw the video of the pregnant woman, I'm wondering if her overall health didn't come into play. It appears that she may have been obese and Caesarean sections can difficult and risky to both patient and child in these cases. It probably would have required an expert OB surgeon to perform the birth quickly and safely as well as needing a skilled neo-natal team on site to take over after the birth. All of this would need to be done within a very few minutes and this would, no doubt, include the difficult task of getting the father to agree to the procedures regardless of outcome. In today's litigious environment, no one wants to take decision making responsibility upon themselves.

I also wonder if this family had their own OB-GYN. Surely the woman's size would put her in the high risk category where she'd be very closely monitored and plans put in place. We don't know any of that.

The CNN piece was obviously more an editorial one than news reporting. It's too bad when this happens as the public is never well served. When I saw the man's daughter...also quite large...I need to hope the best for her. A sad case indeed.