"Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers"


"Mercy Regional Medical Center is a Catholic Hospital located in Durango Colorado and was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1882. Mercy's longest serving physician is Doctor Richard Grossman. The scandal of Grossman's presence at Mercy has angered the local faithful Catholic and Christian community for years.

Newspaper article imageIn addition to murdering babies, Grossman also publishes a highly visible monthly column in the largest local newspaper publication The Durango Herald called "Population Matters". In his monthly column Grossman openly promotes eugenics, promiscuity, contraception, abortion ("family planning"), and frequently bashes the Catholic Church.

We are asking everyone to please sign the petition (TAKE ACTION page) to express your desire to have this man removed from having "privileges" to practice at Mercy Regional Medical Center.

If it infuriates you that a man who is so openly anti-Catholic both in actions, and in words, can make a living at an institution run by the Church then please sign the petition, forward it to your friends, and..."


"It seems that the Catholic church is not capable of putting a stop to Dr. Grossman's evil audacity. The reason, according to local activists, is that the hospital and the church fear federal employement discrimination lawsuits. There is, however, a valid basis to believe that this Catholic hospital would be within its right to fire a murderer such as Dr. Grossman, although it is more likely that the church would lose a lawsuit from Dr. Grossman.

When it comes down to it what makes a church like the Catholic church great is its claim to be the repository of the Truth, not the health of its bank accounts."

Comes down to possible Colorado state and US govt persecution it seems. As one can see from the links above the Catholic laity is fighting for the Truth and to stop this "Grossman" from being considered representative of a faith based care system. Time for the Catholic Church to take on our govt it seems.