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by Steven Haninger - 1/28/13 9:41 AM

In Reply to: RE: Did the lawyers argue, by JP Bill

Because of continuing litigation, there will be some things with some people that cannot be discussed. You'll see here that, according to the link, the argument was that state law could not allow the judgement for the plaintiff. The judge or jury couldn't have done so even if not a word was said. That bishops are reviewing the case is SOP. They won't have heard the arguments and may not have access to the transcripts. All they'd be able to look into is whether or not the lawyers claimed to represent the church in any remark about humanness or lack of it on the part of the unborn. It may well have been...and this is just speculation...that such a statement could be made simply to indicate that it was the state's own law that shut the door on the plaintiff.

In reality, it could be good for the Catholic Church if later proceedings reverse the decision and say the fetuses were indeed human beings. Wouldn't that just kill ya? devil