If the lawyers' arguments advanced an absence of personhood

by Ziks511 - 1/28/13 6:23 AM

In Reply to: That's not relevant to the OP by Steven Haninger

regarding the fetuses, in trying to get out from under a law suit, that flies in the face of all previous Catholic assertions, and would in fact be perceived by many, if not all as hypocrisy. It's a simple either/or question. Either a fetus past an arbitrary point in gestation, whether it is conception, quickening, viability with heroic measures, or delivery, is a person or it is not a person. The Church can't have it one way when it suits them, and another when it is browbeating or its members are physically assaulting someone doing something they disapprove, or say they disapprove.

If the Catholic faith chooses to allow this element (non-personhood) to be used in their defense while proclaiming otherwise elswhere, there is a clear divergence from Catholic doctrine. If it looks like hypocrisy, and walks like hypocrisy, and quacks like hypocrisy, its time for a Synod to re-define the Catholic faith and precepts.

Oh, and it ain't no mystery !!