To Win 7 or not to Win 7 ....But not Win 8

Well.... Now I can say I have tasted all the flavors of Win desktop I can and I have to say that Windows 7 is the best thing MS has had since XP Sp3. If you are running a Duel Core or better with 2Gigs of RAM(More is better) and you have it in the budget it would be a welcome upgrade. Windows 8 leans too far into the touch screen, tablet computer world to function in a desktop environment. With the Metro desktop you will feel as if you are waxing Mr. Miyagi's cars in 'The Karate Kid' (Next screen on, Next screen off...... Daniel-san) It was a difficult transition and very disruptive to the work flow. Without the start button it would take many steps to get to the application you needed.
So to remedy I had to install a third party App to bring back the functional desk top. I used Classic Shell a Open Source project that works quite well. Good luck. :-{=