Yes, JP

by TONI H - 1/28/13 3:32 AM

In Reply to: Kess and JP by TONI H

The Federal Government commandeers the State National Guard units when the Feds decide they are needed; however the State National Guard is set up BY the State FOR the State, and the States are reimbursed for their services when the Feds take them over. That's why the State NG units are used in so many STATE disasters.......and only recently have been used on a regular basis for NATIONAL issues, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Only the Federal Government can commandeer them to do that. The States' NG operates under two umbrellas. In State disasters or riot situations, the Governor has the ability to call them into action.........the President has the ability to send in those same NG units ONLY if the Governor ASKS for that, which was why there was a delay in getting the NG units into Katrina.......the Governor of LA DIDN'T lay out that contingency plan ahead of time as the hurricane was coming and Bush's hands were tied until she did. The leadership of LA and NO failed their people miserably and the liberals have blamed Bush since day one.

And as far as FEMA goes.......the liberals had ripped Bush a new one over Katrina day in and day out, and yet nary a word when it comes to BO's FEMA over Hurricane Sandy and those people are STILL without homes and/or power MONTHS later.