You probably don't understand the structure

by Steven Haninger - 1/28/13 3:26 AM

In Reply to: RE:The church wasn't involved by JP Bill

and I doubt I could explain it to you satisfactorily but here's a little to get you started. Basically, the Catholic Church hierarchy exists partially as a protection entity. It's to protect the original scriptures, apostolic writings and teachings from being altered, misused, abused, improperly translated, etc., etc. The church does not establish various orders of clergy, laity or organizations which claim to adhere to Catholic Church principles. The church hierarchy will "police" those organizations that spring up claiming to be "Catholic", however. Many organizations will go to the higher church to request approval to do work under the banner of following certain principles. They main advantage in gaining church approval is in fundraising ability. If the Catholic Church finds an organization to be faulty in it's work or principles, it will not support their efforts to remain in existence as being "Catholic". The Catholic church is known for many ministries including those to the sick. "Catholic" hospitals spread throughout Europe and the US during the same time the church was growing. These were not built by Rome. They were built largely by orders of sisters and nuns who were self sustaining and had won approval of the church higher ups to serve in their specific ministry.

As for the organization noted in the article, I looked them up and read their history. They followed a similar path. They were not church established but would fall under the same "policing" of the Catholic church by claiming to be formed from and to follow Catholic teaching. That's, in a nutshell, how such organizations happen.