We don't have details of the argument

by Steven Haninger - 1/28/13 2:11 AM

In Reply to: So let me get this straight... by grimgraphix

The actual words would be helpful but the title is misleading, Grim. It does not appear that the lawyers argued that the unborn weren't humans but that they cited state law to that effect. Do we know if the plaintiff and his lawyers were arguing for their human rights? I'd also wonder what would happen should the court agree that they are human and allow some reward. That would smack right in the face of the state law and probably bring more controversy than what the media is already trying to make out of it. The other thing not stated is how the wrongful death suit on behalf of the mother was resolved. If it was rejected, the rest of this is moot. It would have needed to be determined that the hospital was somehow negligent and had caused her death or that some accepted procedure was not done that would have saved her life. Again...no details offered in that article. It appears to be simply a jab at the Catholic Church. The church wasn't involved and this organization isn't an extension of it. If anything, it would appear that the hospital's lawyer's pointed out a case that caused legal difficulties in the event of fetal death even if errors occurred.