Gettting closer?

by abbygayle65 - 1/27/13 7:56 PM

In Reply to: Something to try by snapshot2 Moderator

Thanks snapshot! Hopefully we're getting closer with this one. So, now it makes sense why it is continually changing! Thank you for that. I also turned off the advanced digital zoom. Previously hit had been on pause. Thank you for that as well. I guess when I say I am having trouble with poor photo quality, I guess it is mainly a poor lighting on my photos issue. I do not get the extreme brights anymore, but I am getting very dark pictures still. Almost every other photo. The auto flash is almost never producing a flash. Even when I put it on preflash (the flash with eyeball symbol, it doesn't normally flash. Do I have a flash issue do you think? When I have a dark room and put it on auto flash, it won't flash most of the time. Also, when it does flash, it will still be a dark photo half the time.
I know that the "Fill" option is not available in smart capture mode, only in P, A, S, or M modes, but even when I use that and it is supposed to flash every time, it only flashes about half of the time. ....

(Also, probably unrelated, but just in case it is relevant....Where the mountain and flower alternate in top left corner, I also have a picture of a person (head and body) surrounded by a frame. Sometimes this person has a star above his head..Normal?